Ticino Courier, 11.06.2022

Ticino Courier
Sat 11/06/2022 Page: 19

Geniomechanics, an example of innovation

TICINO / The St. Antonino firm was the venue for the "Inside Industry" initiative, which seeks to showcase the excellence present in the canton - The company has developed a single-seat electric vehicle for people with mobility problems.

Mass production, digitization, and hyperspecialization dominate today's industry, but in Ticino there are those who are going against the current by focusing on quality and customization of products and services. This is the case of Geniomeccanica SA in S. Antonino, the subject of the 31st "Inside Industry" initiative, promoted by AITI and the DFE, with the participation of Christian Vitta, director of the DFE, Oliviero Pesenti, president of AITI, and a large representation of Ticino's Grand Council members.

Introducing the company, CEO Luca Wullschleger outlined its history, which dates back to 1962 and sees the fourth generation of founders at work, within the Group of the same name, active since 1900, present with 14 plants in a variety of sectors, from construction to thermal energy, from mechanical to medical. Geniomeccanica is active in the repair and maintenance service of machinery for third parties, sales and after-sales service, as well as the assembly of mechanical apparatus of the highest precision. The presence of specialists capable of working at 360 degrees on machines of different types and different origins makes it an important reference point in the Ticino landscape. In fact, as noted by Wullschleger and Vitta himself, the company showed high foresight in the face of the problems that then affected the supply chain of components, equipping itself with a well-stocked warehouse so that it could meet customers' needs quickly.

It is therefore the sunset of "just in time" and the start of a new industrial strategy, Vitta said.

But the star of the event was Genny, a single-seat electric two-wheeled vehicle for those with mobility problems. Inspired by the American Segway, a very expensive project with limited success, Genny makes use of sophisticated aircraft-derived technologies and draws on the experience of Italy's most advanced automotive and electronics companies.

Ready for both uses

As illustrated by its creator Paolo Badano, director of Genny Factory, quoting the famous Virgilian phrase "ad utrunque paratus" (ready for both eventualities, positive and negative, favorable or not), an unfortunate life event can be the cue to undertake ambitious projects.

Custom trim

Genny, with adjustable seat and backrest, trim customized to the user's characteristics, safe, equipped with exceptional maneuverability, is a solution that can go beyond the needs of the disabled to become an innovative mobility tool in line with new trends. It has pleasant aesthetics and the wheels can be adapted to various terrains, from desert sands to beaches. Geniomeccanica will start its production from next year, and judging by the market potential and the indications received, this state-of-the-art solution "made in Ticino" appears destined for sure success.

Gian Luigi Trucco