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Hako provides everything needed for reliable cleaning of hard surfaces, whether indoor or outdoor areas. A wide range of technologically advanced man-on-board or floor machines for effective and efficient implementation of professional cleaning.

Municipal technology

Cleaning: sweepers and vacuum cleaners for urban and industrial cleaning of outdoor and indoor surfaces.

Road: Multicar tool carriers and compact, multipurpose carriers for urban cleaning, various outdoor surface maintenance, and winter maintenance.

A municipal technique sweeper of the Hako brand
A street cleaning sweeper of the Hako brand

Floor scrubbers

For fast and economical washing of interior surfaces.

Cleaning capacity: 1,400 to 12,200m2/hour.

Wide range of technologically advanced scrubbers and innovative systems designed to increase cleaning efficiency, including:

  • AQUASTOP to save detergent and increase tank capacity
  • ACQUAFORCE for washing without the use of detergents
  • DAYTIMECLEANING useful for close shifts
  • ANTIBAC to improve sanitation of sensitive areas by stopping the growth and development of bacteria.

Available in various models both man-overboard and man-down.

Hako brand man-on-board model washer-dryer
A man-down washer-dryer from the brand Hako

Vacuum sweepers

For reliable and efficient cleaning of interior and exterior surfaces.

Ideal for cleaning a variety of surfaces, vacuum sweepers ensure meticulous cleaning without airborne dust emissions.

Cleaning capacity: 2,300 to 25,000m2/hour.

Available in various models both man-overboard and man-down.

A man-on-board type sweeper of the Hako brand