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Tersano Inc. is an 'innovative company based in Windsor, Ontario, with offices and distribution centers in Canada, USA, Latin America, Asia and Europe. The company develops and manufactures aqueous solution stabilized ozone (SAO TM) cleaning devices. An environmentally friendly and highly effective cleaning solution. 

What is SAO?

Patented stabilized ozone in aqueous solution (SAO TM) is the simplest, safest and most sustainable system for cleaning and sanitizing hard surfaces every day. Used worldwide in healthcare, food service, schools and other sectors, SAO TM provides high performance and avoids the consumption of traditional chemicals.

Stabilized aqueous ozone is created through the introduction of an oxygen atom added to an oxygen molecule and water molecules. This combination creates a highly effective cleaning agent that decomposes dirt, grease and other contaminants in the same way as traditional cleaning products, but in a natural way.

In the graphic below, the process is schematized. 

iClean mini - the solution for home and office

The iClean mini turns tap water into a safe and effective cleaner and disinfectant that performs better than bleach. Unlike ordinary chemical cleaners, this device allows you to clean and disinfect without odor, noxious fumes, or toxic residue.

Through the push of a button, iClean mini's diamond-coated electrodes instantly create an ozonated aqueous solution that is totally harmless to people but deadly to germs, dirt and odors.

Lotus PRO - the solution for factories, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls...

It sounds like magic, but it is proven science!

Lotus PRO® is a high-capacity cleaning device that transforms ordinary tap water into stabilized aqueous ozone solution, which in turn can be used as a cleaning and sanitizing product. This allows you to make indoor environments safer for all who live in them.

  • no toxic waste in the environment
  • no packaging
  • no storage
  • no residue


  • detergents for manual or scrubber-dryer washing
  • glass cleaners
  • sanitizing cleaners
  • products that neutralize odors

How does it work?

The device breaks down the oxygen molecule (O2) to turn it into ozone (O3), the operation is explained below.

  1. Cold water enters the Lotus PRO® stabilization module.
  2. Treated water exits the Lotus PRO® stabilization module.
  3. Water passes through the FLOJET connector, which acts as a backstop
  4. Oxygen enters the dispenser through the removable filter cartridge
  5. 4'500 volts of electricity transforms 02 into O3
  6. Ozone that is not saturated in the water is separated and safely removed in the form of oxygen
  7. Stabilized aqueous ozone escapes from the dispenser to fill buckets, sprayers or scrubbers.

Lotus PRO® operates on 220V and all types of cold running water.