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The Gianni Ferrari Group - Officine BIEFFEBI produces professional gardening machines and has always stood out for innovation and quality. The current range boasts 12 product families, which in turn are divided into numerous models and versions. Gianni Ferrari produces 40 percent for the Italian market, while the remaining 60 percent is for export to more than 30 countries around the world.

Geniomeccanica SA, as the Gianni Ferrari distributor for all of Ticino, guarantees excellent sales service and professional maintenance center.

A wide choice of solutions

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The most popular models

The ultracompacts

The Gianni Ferrari GTS product family consists of ultra-compact professional 2- or 4-wheel-drive, front-mounted, direct-loading grass mowers.

The powerful and compact 

Gianni Ferrari PGs are powerful and compact professional machines. The turbine loading system is integrated into the machine, this results in no external clutter and a truly unbeatable harvesting capacity.

These are multifunctional operating machines for landscaping and open space care, specifically for cutting with grass collection and excellent in many other uses.

TURBO 1-2-4
Superior performance

The professional Turbo 1-2-4 machines are the top of the range harvesting machines of the Gianni Ferrari brand. They are distinguished by superior performance in all conditions of use, guaranteeing maximum safety.
In fact, these machines are designed and manufactured with safety and reliability as the primary objective for all working conditions. Machines and related equipment have been subjected to all the tests and inspections required by the various regulations on safety, noise, vibration and electromagnetic emissions. These machines are equipped with numerous safety devices that limit dangerous situations as much as possible.



TURBO 2 - 4