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Tenax International is the world's first company dedicated entirely to building environmentally friendly, 100 percent electric and low-voltage street cleaning and sanitation machines. 

Geniomeccanica SA, as the official distributor for the whole of Switzerland, relies on the experience and invaluable technical background of Tenax, confident of guaranteeing machines that are always on the cutting edge, powered by clean energy with truly outstanding performance.

In recent years, due to worsening pollution, more and more companies have opted to change engine types, favoring electric.
But what is the difference between electric and electrified? Find out in the video below!

Tenax sweeper range


Harmonious and ergonomic, it is the ideal solution for sweeping sidewalks, pedestrian areas, parking lots and any small to medium-sized area, both indoors and outdoors. 


SmartWind is the 100% electric street sweeper, unique in that it is the most compact manned pedestrian sweeper with overhead discharge.

Electra 1.0

Electra 1.0 is the compact street sweeper with 100% electric 48-volt power supply and drive, 360 L DIN removable waste container and zero CO2 emissions.

Electra 2.0 evos

Electra 2.0 evos is the innovative compact street sweeper with 100% electric power and drive at 48 volts and zero CO2 emissions.