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For more than 40 years, the Kränzle family has been advancing the concept of high quality, innovative strength and environmental responsibility. Based on these values, Kränzle engineers continually work on research and development; it is in this way that innovative products are born, meeting the needs of the global industrial cleaning market.


Kränzle's wide selection of pressure washers, whether high pressure, hot water or cold water, has one common denominator: quality. That quality comes primarily from the choice of material from which the pressure washers are made: specially forged brass for the high-pressure pumps and quality ceramic coating for the pistons. Every single pressure washer, before leaving the company, is thoroughly checked and tested by the company's Quality Management.

Geniomeccanica is the official Kränzle distributor for Ticino, guaranteeing Customers the highest quality product and impeccable after-sales and maintenance service.

Cold water pressure washers

Cold-water pressure washers are the most common especially for household purposes, but not only. The cold water jet is ideal for removing dirt from floors, tiles, exterior walls, and also for clearing pipes and gutters of obstructions. This type of pressure washer is also great for cleaning cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers and other vehicles, the low temperature of the water, together with the right pressure, is in fact perfect for removing mud residue, grass, insects from the bodywork without ruining the paint in any way.

These machines are more compact than hot-water pressure washers and are usually powered by electricity.

Hot water pressure washers

Hot water pressure washers are extremely efficient and environmentally friendly!
To combat stubborn dirt, hot water pressure washers are the best choice. In fact, the use of hot water is suitable for cleaning up areas and floors of workshops and warehouses in a short time, in order to remove grease or fuel residues and clean the bodywork of work vehicles from any impurities, even the toughest ones.

Kränzle-therm hot water pressure washers are a concentrate of technical innovations that provide high performance, reliability, safety and convenience for everyday use.

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