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Demag Cranes AG offers a very wide range of products all geared toward moving loads.

Interior of a warehouse with Demag brand gantries


Demag overhead cranes can be used to move heavy loads from 0.5 to 50 tons. The possibilities are endless: standard moving beam, suspended, single-beam or double-beam.

KBK modular system

A leader in this field, KBK's modular plants are suitable for both linear and capillary transports, from the simple monorail to the fully automated plant with capacity ranges up to 3,200 kg.

Interior of a warehouse with Demag brand's KBK modular system
Demag brand jib cranes

Jib cranes

To move loads up to 20 tons, directly at the workplace, we offer jib cranes fixed on pillars and walls or directly on columns.


Demag is the only bridge crane manufacturer that independently configures and manufactures transmission units. Demag's transmission technology is also offered as individual components.

Demag brand transmissions

Rope hoists

Demag rope hoists represent precision and economy. Compared with chains, up to 50 percent higher lifting speeds can be achieved while transporting from 1 to 50 tons. Also available in double rope version with two synchronized hooks, especially suitable for long loads.

Chain hoists

Demag's DC chain hoists offer comfort and a high level of productivity in sensitive lifting and positioning of loads in the workplace. We recommend DC chain hoists for loads up to 5 tons.

Demag brand chain hoists

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